BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini, 3D jersey, Dove blue

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BabyBjorn, Baby Carrier Mini is a small carrier that is easy to use for short baby wearing sessions. It’s perfect for the early months when, like all newborns, your baby needs lots of closeness around the clock. You can easily unfasten the entire front section of the baby carrier to lift out your sleeping baby. The soft fabrics gently hug your baby’s back, legs, and hips, and provide good support. You can check your newborn’s position and the natural C-curve of their back with your hands through the fabric.Perfect first baby carrier for a newborn.Baby Carrier Mini is a small and easy-to-use baby carrier that is best suited to newborns and their great need for closeness. You can carry your baby high on your chest, so they always feel your heartbeat. Small and easy to useBaby Carrier Mini is very easy to use, with just a few adjustable buckles