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Kinderkraft - Huggy Baby Carrier - Bird

Kinderkraft's ergonomic HUGGY baby carrier up to 20 kg , The HUGGY baby carrier is suitable for children from three months of age. This is possible thanks to the ergonomic design, which allows you to put your child in a natural, proper position (tilted pelvis, crouched back, and legs arranged in the shape of the letter "M"). The baby carrier panel easily adapts to the smallest babies and provides support for the baby's delicate head. There's also the option of carrying older children on your back, which means that they can explore the world from a completely different perspective. The possibility of adjusting the entire carrier guarantees the perfect fit for both the parent and the child - this is thanks to the wide, adjustable panel, additionally secured with strong Velcro. Carrying a baby in a HUGGY baby carrier provides your toddler with a sense of closeness and comfort, and it strengthens the bond with the parent.