Kinderkraft - Milo Nature Vibes Baby Carrier - Green

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MILO ergonomic baby carrier is a combination of comfort and functionality. The ergonomic MILO carrier allows you to carry smaller children on your belly (back to the world). Older children can be carried on the back, facing the world. The appropriate construction ensures the safe position of the child while carrying, while the materials it is made of guarantee softness and comfort. MILO allows transporting children from 3 months to 20 kg. It is a product for parents who know that for the proper development of their child, it is important to be close, giving their child a sense of safety. The baby carrier has been positively recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI), which encourages the carrying of children as long as it is possible to maintain a position with widely spaced legs. MILO is a combination of original design and incredible comfort.