TRUNKI- The Ultimate Ride-on Suitcase for Children

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Trunki is designed to beat the boredom suffered by travelling tots, and is a hand luggage sized ride-on suitcase. Tots can pack Trunki with all of their favourite toys, whilst parents keep them in tow.

It will be easier and more fun for tots and parents to be travelers. With long queues and long waiting hours at check-in, security, the gate and the luggage belt area, Trunki is the perfect travel buddy, either for fun and entertainment or resting small tired legs.

All Trunki suitcases have horn grips for stability and steering.

To make sure that the contents are secured and never get lost, Trunki has a tow strap with a key. Trunki is made of the same high-quality plastic as grown-up cases.